So, What’s Happening On Your Campus?

Written by Daniel Epley on Monday, 17 September 2012. Posted in Ad Astra

So, What’s Happening On Your Campus?

It is that time of year, when we magically sense the coming of cooler weather, the leaves begin to change, and college freshmen desperately look for ways to explore your campus. It is confusing enough… what do I wear, how do I fit in, and where do I go? Give incoming freshmen (and tenured faculty for that matter) an easy way to investigate your campus - give them a one-stop-shop for finding campus happenings, with Astra Schedule’s new Activity Calendars.

One of the easiest ways to minimize confusion is to simplify. Ad Astra designed the new Activity Calendar with simplicity in mind.  Activity Calendars allow administrators the flexibility to define one calendar, with multiple filters, and thus reducing the number of calendars currently appearing on your campus. Administrators can define true “Master” calendars that incorporate multiple filters for different points of view. For example, a “Student Events” filter may include ‘Scheduled’ and ‘Canceled’ events that are made up of six separate Event Types: Academic, Athletic, Graduation, Performance, Student, and University Hour. While at the same time, the “Community Events” filter is comprised of the following event types: Arts & Lecture Series, Community, External Groups, Performance, Reception, Weddings, and Workshops. Calendar users effortlessly switch between multiple filters. Holidays and Announcements, such as “Book Buy Back”, are easily incorporated into the calendar display. Calendar users may also hover over information “note-cards” for: additional event information, related images, important links, and two new icons that allow the user the ability to either email the event information to a friend, or download the event to their personal calendar.

Start Simple – then build, build, build. You may even have previously defined Guest Scheduling Calendars that have great potential as new Activity Calendars. Embed an Activity Calendar into your home or departmental web pages. Put the information right at your site visitor’s fingertips. The Managed Calendars functionality serves up the iframe code to make embedding easy. Alternatively, you can drive the viewer directly to a predefined calendar URL that allows viewers the ability to view events (that meet the correct criteria, of course) the moment they are saved by the Scheduler. No data “push” or “pull”, no additional coding, just campus happenings.

So I ask you, “What’s happening on your campus?”

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