Do the Astra Slide

Written by Kelly Hollowell on Monday, 13 August 2012. Posted in Ad Astra

Do the Astra Slide

That’s right…the Astra Slide has trumped the Electric Slide as event schedulers’ favorite move. The slide tool isn’t the latest and greatest dance move, but it might make you want to do a little happy dance once you realize how easy it is to move multiple event meetings simultaneously.

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve been planning Spirit Week on your campus for months. You’ve booked spaces and resources for all different kinds of great events – from ice cream socials on the quad to a pep rally in the football stadium. Everything is ready.

But then you get a phone call…the school president needs to move Spirit Week to the next week. There’s been some kind of scheduling oversight and (blah blah blah)….you don’t even need to hear the rest. Your mind starts spinning. It’s going to take weeks to move all of those meeting dates and the resources attached to them. Or is it?

With the Slide feature in Astra Schedule, now event schedulers can “slide” multiple meetings (with different meeting patterns, no less) forward or backward a specific number of days, hours or minutes. In our example, you would use just a couple mouse clicks to move all activities and resource assignments forward seven days. Now you’ve made the president happy and still have time to breeze through that stack in your inbox before you leave for the weekend.

So instead of stressing out when you get calls to move multi-meeting events, now you can confidently say “no problem” and do your little happy dance.

NOTE: We’ll be extra excited if we get to see you and your happy dance at the 2012 Ad Astra Users’ Conference!

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