Academic Scheduling

Written by Terry Saye on Monday, 30 July 2012. Posted in Ad Astra

Academic Scheduling

Hi All!  I am back and as promised I have a short blurb on the season ender of “Pysch”…WHAT!?! They can’t do that!  Luckily, since my blog entries are soooo far apart, I don’t have long to wait for the new fall season.  Anywho, back to Academic scheduling.  It is about that time of year again, where most of us will be too busy with the fall semester and the wave of students to get much else working.  It is both an exciting time on campus and a stressful one, so I know that most of you are in full preparation mode.  Once you are through the mass hysteria, I have a couple of areas that I would recommend reviewing and refining.  Both in process and technical configuration.   

First, let’s look at exam scheduling.  If you are currently not using Astra Schedule for this, please take a look at the latest functionality and talk to your account manager if you are curious about what Astra offers in this area.  There are a few webinars recorded on this topic and some enhancements have been made recently in the upcoming 7.5.7 release.  So be sure to check it out!  Having everything together in a single system, and automated as possible is definitely worth the effort of configuration.

Second, I have spent a lot of time this summer doing webinars and services to help clients refine preference sets and create new ones with a focus on maximizing space utilization, supporting scheduling policy, and rule consolidation for easier management.  If you have not reviewed your preferences in awhile, were not 100% comfortable with the initial set that was created during implementation, or are not using preferences in the system (aaagggghhhh!) please consider this an important research project.  Again, there are recorded webinars and training available through your account manager and this is very important to continued improvement in scheduling.  This is also important as a place to get all of that critical scheduling knowledge out of the heads of some of your scheduling superstars and into a system that can be re-used and understood by all.

In summary, I wish you all the patience and luck necessary for the fall onslaught coming your way!  Once you have your feet back on the ground, please let us know how we can help you to face the next round.  BTW – On a personal note, I think my new show pick for this season is “Perception” with Eric McCormack.  (This is of course only my opinion, and not the opinion of Ad Astra Information Systems.)  Smile

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