Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

Ad Astra Information Systems' strategic direction is to continue to expand the scope and impact of scheduling in higher education through our dedication to creating schedules that better fit students' needs. Historically, the focus of higher education scheduling has been automating schedule creation. We feel that improving the quality and efficiency of schedules, versus simply producing the same schedules faster, is the real goal.

Effective allocation of academic resources by the academic departments at each institution can greatly contribute to critical higher education initiatives. Specifically, course offering schedules must be created that maximize faculty, space and the instructional week for the benefit of the students. Effective allocation of resources enables the following:

  • Students can get a conflict-free schedule of the courses required to make progress to completion
  • Students can easily navigate academic requirements and plan for completion
  • Institutions can efficiently and effectively manage resources to meet demand and state goals
  • Institutions can support enrollment growth with existing faculty and academic space resources
  • Institutions can control spending and tuition increases while increasing productivity

These initiative areas are complex and politically charged. Our experience is that they must be approached with more than the typical anecdotal information and disjointed departmental management systems common on college and university campuses. Success comes from professional, informed leadership working with rich decision-support information and effective management systems. Our mission is to meet these needs.

We look forward to discussing how we might partner with your institution on these important initiatives.


From the beginning, Ad Astra has believed there is more to scheduling than booking rooms, times and other resources. Accordingly, we have made unprecedented investments in research and development which have culminated in several new, patented and patent-pending processes that are integrated into our software and services. Among these processes are:

  • an advanced analytics system and set of services to assess student demand for courses
  • a performance metrics system for improving course-offering management, setting and enforcing scheduling policy, and providing decision-support information to departments
  • a breakthrough academic space management approach that allows institutions to grow enrollments in a fixed space inventory



Ad Astra Information Systems, LLC, officially formed in 1996, has always believed that scheduling plays a strategically important role in higher education. Effective scheduling places all activities on a central campus calendar, efficiently allocates academic resources, and can greatly contribute to critical initiatives such as student success outcomes, capacity for enrollment growth and affordability.

More than 800 College and University campuses partner with Ad Astra on their facilities scheduling, event management, academic resource allocation and more. To learn how we can work together on scheduling, efficiency, capacity and student success initiatives, Contact Us today.


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